Friday, July 21, 2006

Totem Spirit for July 23rd - 29th

Hummingbird ~ Joy

Because of their magical qualities, Hummingbird feathers have long been used for the making of love charms. It is said that Hummingbird conjures love as no other medicine does, and that Hummingbird feathers open the heart. Without an open and loving heart, you can never taste the nectar and pure bliss of life. To Hummingbird, life is a wonderland of delight!

If Hummingbird is your personal medicine, you love life and its joys. Your presence brings joy to others. You join people together in relationships which bring out the best in them. You know instinctively where beauty abides and, near or far, you journey to your ideal. You move comfortably within a beautiful environment and help others to taste the succulent nectar of life.

If Hummingbird has flown into your life today, get ready to laugh and enjoy the Creator's many gifts. Drop your judgmental attitudes and relax. Hummingbird will no doubt give you a flash of the spirit, darting here, there, and everywhere. Get ready for a strange new burst of energy which may send your senses reeling.

Hummingbird hears celestial music and is in harmony with it. Hummingbird may invite you to an art museum or a concert. Follow Hummingbird and you will soon be filled with joy and experience a renewal of the magic of living!


If contrary Hummingbird is in your cards in any configuration, it speaks to you of matters of the heart. How or why has your heart center closed? Have you done something callus to others causing them to shut off the love they once felt for you? The contrary Hummingbird may presage sorrow and the inability to see the many blessings we have been given and the beauty that surrounds us. If contrary Hummingbird sings its forlorn song, perhaps you should journey into your personal pain and know that your sorrow is your joy in another reflection.

~ From "Medicine Cards" by Jamie Sams & David Carson ~

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