Thursday, June 29, 2006

Totem Spirit for July 2nd - 8th

Ant ~ Patience

Ant can carry a leaf over hundreds of miles just to get it back to the anthill. Ants in Africa will strip a forest bare when food is scarce even if it takes them a year. Ant's medicine is the strategy of patience.

Ant people are active, community-minded folks who see the greater future needs of their town. Ant people are planners and are content to see their dreams being built a little at a time. In today's society that is a rare quality.

In the desert, one type of Ant will burrow a conical hole. The Ant will then cover itself and patiently wait for some unsuspecting insect to fall in. As the sand crumbles, the prey eventually falls to the bottom only to find Ant's open jaws. Patience does have its rewards!

Ant people have a knowing about sweet victory at the end of the line. There is never a concern about going without if they are late for the opening of a sale. If what they want is sold out, they are sure that something equal or better is available. Ant people eat slowly and deliberately and are content knowing that "what is yours will come to you." This knowing is good medicine. It shows trust in the Universe to provide.

Ant is telling you that it is time to show a little trust and patience in some life situation. You may have forgotten that you will always receive that which you need at the time you need it most. If it is not on the horizon or just around the next anthill, you may need to use strategy. How can you put to use your power of creation until "it" arrives - whatever "it" may be.

Ant is working for the good of the whole. Are you? If you are, be assured that the whole wants the same goodness for you, and that it wil be provided.


Watch out! Here comes the sting! if you are in a hurry, you may fall prey to those who are not working for the good of the whole of humanity. These individuals who make greed a way of life prey on the fear and urgency of those who have forgotten natural and tribal law. It's easy money! If this warning applies to you, become aware of users and con artists.

In the contrary position, Ant also teaches you to TRUST natural law. If you do, harmony always follows. Your silly impatience will bring Coyote to aid you in sabotaging your plans for the future if you allow your panic to outweigh your rational sensibilities. The key here is to honor the will of the Great Spirit so that mountains are not made out of anthills!

~ From "Medicine Cards" by Jamie Sams & David Carson ~

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